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Acumen Enterprises specializes in renovation construction and mechanical services as we are capable of integral components of modern building maintenance and improvement. A combination of renovation construction and mechanical services can greatly enhance the overall quality and functionality of a building, improving the living or working experience for its occupants. It is essential that both renovation and mechanical services are performed by skilled professionals with specialized training and expertise in their respective fields.

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Construction Management

Acumen Enterprises encompasses the comprehensive management of a construction project, from inception to completion. This includes project scheduling, cost estimating, procurement, and quality control, as well as coordination with architects, engineers, contractors, and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. Construction managers, also known as project managers, are responsible for ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget and to the desired level of quality. These services are widely utilized in various construction projects, including commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, as well as infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and public works.


Pre-Construction Planning

Acumen Enterprises knows preconstruction planning is a crucial phase in the construction process, involving a comprehensive preparation for the construction project before the commencement of actual construction work. This includes activities such as site analysis, feasibility studies, design development, cost estimating and value engineering, aimed at identifying potential issues, finding solutions and minimizing delays and unexpected costs. The process also includes coordination with stakeholders such as architects, engineers, contractors and building code officials to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Preconstruction planning is essential for the project's success as it establishes a clear budget, timeline and a detailed construction schedule, which is crucial for completing the project on time and within budget.


Mechanical | HVAC Services

Mechanical and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) work involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of systems that control the temperature, air quality, and ventilation in buildings. These systems include boilers, heat pumps, air handlers, and ductwork. Acumen Enterprises oversees the construction of these systems, while our HVAC technicians install, maintain, and repair them. This can include tasks such as installing and maintaining ductwork, troubleshooting and repairing HVAC equipment, and adjusting and calibrating systems to ensure they are operating efficiently. The work can be physically demanding and requires a good understanding of mechanical and electrical systems.

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